Shark Tank

I really liked the Shark Tank presentations. I believe some attendees took it very seriously but those were really great ideas and helped me take ideas home.


I liked the variety of the sessions and topics chosen for the sessions, especially as a newcomer to the industry. I thought it was very well-rounded. I liked the small attendance setting because we got to know each other more than if it was a larger audience. It made...

Learning Different Aspects

The most memorable moment for me was learning about all the different aspects of casinos. I don’t deal with some of the things we learned and talked about so it was nice to get some basic information.

Great Connections

I enjoyed Casino Marketing Boot Camp and the fun group projects. Thank you for all you’ve done, especially the connections made and ideas exchanged.


I want to share that this training was an eye-opener for me, and it has changed how I want to move forward in my casino marketing career.

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