Casino Marketing Boot Camp: Where Casino Marketing Skills Are Sharpened

A Different Approach to Casino Marketing Training

Are you looking for a hands-on, interactive training program specifically designed for casino marketers? Welcome to Casino Marketing Boot Camp (CMBC) – the only training program of its kind that ensures you leave with actionable plans and enhanced skills.

Our Mission

At CMBC, we are dedicated to crafting the future leaders of casino marketing. Our meticulously designed programs focus on continuous learning and adaptation, offering intensive, practical training in a collaborative and enjoyable environment. We ensure that attendees leave with the skills to advance their careers and benefit the broader casino industry.

Why CMBC is Different

Founder Julia Carcamo, a seasoned casino marketing expert and active conference participant, realized the greatest challenge for marketers is implementing new ideas when they return to work. That’s where CMBC stands out. We go beyond excellent presentations by providing hands-on planning sessions that help you transform great ideas into actionable plans.

The CMBC Experience

You won’t just listen to great speakers at our two and three-day events. You’ll engage in hands-on activities, working alongside fellow marketers to create focused, actionable marketing plans. Along the way, you’ll be able to build a network of like-minded professionals.

Join Us

Are you ready to elevate your casino marketing skills? Join us at CMBC and bring a mentee along for a memorable and valuable experience. Our training is ideal for casino marketers and general managers, and it’s an excellent opportunity for human resources to invest in their teams.

Our Unique Value

Casino Marketing Boot Camp is unique because it is the ONLY hands-on, interactive training program specifically designed for casino marketers. Our events are curated based on input from YOU, the ones growing our industry, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you gain are immediately applicable.

Our Promise

CMBC is your wise mentor in casino marketing—experienced, supportive, and approachable. We provide in-depth guidance and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, helping you stay ahead in a dynamic industry. Our training is not just practical; it’s designed to be engaging and fun, reflecting the dynamic nature of the casino industry.

Discover the Difference

Curious? We thought so! Explore the difference with Casino Marketing Boot Camp and see how our training can transform your marketing efforts. Join us, learn together, and take your casino’s marketing to the next level.​

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