Taking what you might have learned about advertising outside of a casino environment and making it fit isn’t always as easy as we would hope.

Casino advertising managers spend days worried that their budgets will get cut while they watch others stay the same (or even increase) as the demands of the market increase. The fact is advertising done well can be just as valuable as any of the other tools casino marketers use. Because advertising is typically targeted at new customers or those not already in our databases, the reinvestment on an advertising-driven visit can often be LOWER.

But the only way to solidify the role of advertising in the casino marketing landscape is to be better and smarter than the average advertiser.

In this Casino Advertising Masterclass, you will learn how to

  • connect all of your advertising efforts to business goals so you can justify your plans
  • develop creative that really connects with customers you know and those you might not know…yet
  • manage your media buys so that they play a key role in your database and budget goals

This class is taught virtually and consists of a weekly lesson or exercise. Coaches schedule “office hours” for extra help and attention. The use of web cameras is integral to your participation and growth.

Looking for something on-site or customized for your specific needs?

Let us work with you to develop the program YOU need. We’ll start with a discovery call, and together, we will develop the content and pace you need. Email julia@jcarcamoassociates.com, and let’s get started!

Meet the trainers

Want more information? We’ll send you the Spring 2024 Syllabus.

Julia Carcamo

As president and chief brand strategist at J Carcamo & Associates, Julia serves casino properties from coast to coast, providing brand strategy, creative services, and marketing training. She speaks and writes on a variety of casino and general marketing topics and is author of the newly-released Reel Marketing: The Art of Building a Casino Brand. Julia is also co-founder of espÑOLA – a Hispanic marketing and engagement agency and Casino Marketing Monitor, the pulse of casino marketing.

Adele George

As a media planning and buying expert, Adele M. George brings 20+ years of marketing strategy, media planning, and buying experience to the table for her clients.  She’s built her career on having a deep understanding of what motivates people to buy a product or service and how to best reach their consumer. Over the years, has bought for a wide variety of categories such as casinos, attorneys, automotive, medical, healthcare, tourism, retail, and restaurants.

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