Single Track. Shared Experience.

We’ve developed this agenda with strategy as our lead – something we seldom get time to set. So, day one will be focused on strategy, and day two will be about tactics, execution, and making the right decisions to create revenue. And, rather than have you decide which session to attend, we’ve kept this to a single track so everyone can share in the experience and grow together.

Two days of intense work with a half-day of fun to jump start Boot Camp.

3:00 pm     Mardi Gras World – See where the Mardi Gras magic is made.
6:00 pm     Welcome Cocktails and Dinner, House of Blues
8:00 am     Breakfast
9:00 am     The Strategy (and Genius) of Authenticity (…more)
10:30 am   Strategic Thinking and your Brand (…more)
12:00 pm   Lunch
1:00 pm     CRM Strategy (…more)
2:30 pm     NEW! Digital Strategy (…more)
4:00 pm     NEW! Building Your Strat Plan (…more)
Dinner on your own
8:00 am      Breakfast
9:00 am      Customer Journey Mapping (…more)
11:00 am    The Power of Social (…more)
12:30 pm    Lunch
1:30 pm      Mining Your Data with In-house Resources (…more)
3:00 pm      Powerful Promotions (…more)
4:30 pm      Next Steps for Success

Session Descriptions

Monday, March 9

The Strategy (and Genius) of Authenticity…In an increasingly contrived world, people are seeking connections that align with their beliefs. Authentic brands try to replicate the imperfections rather than Photoshopping their way to success. Customers will stand behind open, authentic brands who believe in and are guided by a purpose.

Paul Tuennerman, CEO, Dat Dog Enterprises

Strategic Thinking and your BrandFind the white space in your market and in the mind of your customers to differentiate from competitors and build an understanding of how your brand connects to your customer needs beyond product.

Julia Carcamo, President & Chief Brand Strategist, J Carcamo & Associates

CRM Strategy…Good database marketers know they need to get the right offer out to the right customer. Great database marketers know it takes more to be truly successful and to make each day’s performance better than the same day last year. In this session, attendees will learn a variety of CRM strategies to power up their efforts

Mary Loftness, President, Profitable Customers

Digital Strategy…There is no denying that digital has become the go-to method for communicating with new, existing and potential customers, and is taking more of our media budgets every year. But, how do you know what you should me measuring and what is generating revenue. How do you know which tools are the best for YOUR market and your goals. In this session, you will learn how to build a digital strategy for results.

Kaitlin Kubisch Payne, Media Manager, Spears Group

Building Your Strategic Plan…Can you say what your strategy is? What is the number one goal that will drive your business over the next year to five years? This will be a hands-on session uncovering the elements of a living, breathing, strategic marketing/business plan. Participants will look at historical performance, as well as forward-looking opportunities and work through SWOT and a competitor assessment. This workshop will also include a PESTEL analysis on your market,

Heidi Hamers, Vice President of Marketing, Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Tuesday, March 10

Journey Mapping Made Simple…Guest experience continues to grow in the reason customers choose you or your competition as the place they will spend the majority of their gambling budget. So, it becomes more important than ever for us to understand the customer journey and the key touch points that influence their decision to visit. Service can be your unique and differentiating factor, and journey mapping can enlighten your efforts at capturing those customers time and time again. Attendees will take part in an individual journey mapping exercise so that they can gain insight of how mapping and understanding their customer’s journey can lead to overall improvement in loyalty, positive word of mouth, and the overall experience.

Jim White, President, Jim White Advantage

The Power of Social…So much social everywhere. Where do you begin? How do you identify the right channels, posting schedule and content for your brand? Social media has moved from a fun platform for you to share your life with friends and family to a strategic tool in your marketing arsenal. In this session, we’ll look at how Kate’s team has transformed the social media of casino properties.

Kate Talamo, Founder & CEO, Think-Traffic

Mining Your Database with In-house Resources…Mining your database is a complex process, but what happens when you don’t have external resources available to you. Small to medium properties face this every day. And even if you do have external resources, it is important for YOU to have the tools at your disposal to understand your database and the revenue you can derive.

Mary Loftness, President, Profitable Customers

Power Promotions…Creating promotions is often left to brainstorming in a conference room, but which promotions will create incremental revenue? Which will layer on top of your ongoing programs? Improve your understanding of how to motivate behavior through promotions. Several styles will be discussed in detail including retail, PD and electronic “Bonusing”. A no-nonsense approach to improving results.

Vince Manfredi, President, Manfredi Consulting

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