Times are listed as CST.

Breakfast will be available starting at 8:00 am.

8:45 am Welcome
9:30 am Elevating Your Brand Through Storytelling
11:15 am Kick A$$ Email Marketing
12:45 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Harnessing the Power of Sports for Casino Loyalty
3:45 pm Casino Music & Messaging Workshop
6:30 pm Welcome Gathering (location TBD)


Times are listed as CST.

Breakfast will be available starting at 8:00 am.

8:45 am Welcome Back
9:00 am Kick A$$ Email Marketing
11:15 am Mastering Reputation Management: Strategies for Casino Success in the Digital Age
12:45 pm Lunch
1:30 pm  The Power of Appointment Marketing: Unleashing Revenue from Can’t-Miss Events
3:15 pm Unlocking Hidden Opportunities in Your Database


Times are listed as CST.

Breakfast will be available starting at 8:00 am.

8:45 am Welcome Back
9:00 am

The Lean Casino Marketer: Applying Six Sigma for Competitive Advantage

11:15 am Revolutionizing Casino Player Development: Strategies for Success
12:45 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Creating Your Fantasy Players Club
3:15 pm Card Shark Tank


All sessions are hands-on and interactive for the deepest learning experience.

Session Descriptions
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Elevating Brand Through Storytelling

During this interactive session, explore the role of casino marketers as creators, authors and leaders that create more vibrant brands by leveraging the power of story.  Along the way, learn a step-by-step approach to crafting more compelling stories and how to start movements with players and fellow team members.

Key learning objectives for this session include: 

  1. Why Stories Matter
  2. Three Elements of Effective Storytelling
  3. How to Construct More Compelling Narratives
  4. Internal & External Applications for Story
Session Coach: 
Chris ProvinceChris Province, MA, Player Performance Group

Founder of Player Performance Group, an organizational performance agency for gaming and hospitality based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chris is passionate about translating data into compelling narratives that develop a shared understanding of an enterprise’s current state and bring into focus an inspired future vision that can be achieved.

Chris aims to support courageous leaders to develop and launch unrivaled marketing and operational strategies that capture premium market share while becoming more sustainable and vibrant. He has guided hundreds of gaming professionals to new heights of personal, team and organizational performance through strategic facilitation and coaching excellence.

Chris began his career in the corporate world, working in global analytics and product development for multiple public companies, including WorldCom, MCI, and Williams Communications, before diving into his passion for gaming and hospitality as a Director of Marketing and General Manager for Cherokee Nation Entertainment.

With an undeniable calling to tap human potential, he established the first performance agency for casino gaming, blending analytics, marketing, operations, and organizational development expertise to empower industry leaders to recognize and develop their organization’s potential by executing effective learning agendas.

As a Maxwell Leadership accredited trainer, speaker and coach, Chris places courage and curiosity building at the center of his work, utilizing his Purpose-to-Profit™ process as an empirically researched model for performance improvement in gaming and hospitality organizations.

A graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma, he holds specialized certificates through the University of Nevada – Reno and Project Management Institute.

LinkedIn     Website     Podcast     Twitter

Kick A$$ Email Marketing

Buckle up, you beautiful marketing mavericks, and get ready to elevate your email marketing game to new heights in the highly interactive session. We have one goal for you superstars: to make your email marketing program KICK A$$.

Becoming KICK A$$ takes work, but have no fear as we plan to explore a few areas that require a little effort yet yield high results. Areas of focus for this session will include and be specific to the casino industry:

  • The signup experience and why it matters.
  • Why a digital hug in the beginning is the single most crucial step to retention.
  • Learn how not to creep out your subscribers using data.
  • Why the open rate is on digital life support and exploring other metrics for your casino.
  • The perfect-looking email and the best day and time to send it.
  • How to start and continue testing.
  • Why “best practices” often lead to mediocrity.
  • Your challenges answered

Come prepared to learn, laugh, and love your email program again, not just for today but for the years to come. Are you ready to KICK A$$?

**Please note that some pre-work will be required for you to get the most out of this session**

Harnessing the Power of Sports for Casino Loyalty

Explore innovative strategies to effectively incorporate local and national sports events into the casino promotional calendar. As we unfold the synergy between sports enthusiasm and casino entertainment, you will learn how to captivate your casino patrons, transforming their passion for events like the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, or local college basketball games into a powerful driver for loyalty.

This session isn’t just about understanding the mechanics of sportsbetting; it’s about leveraging it to create unforgettable customer experiences. We’ll guide you through the art of crafting tailored loyalty programs specifically designed for sports fans. By the end of this session, attendees will be equipped with a plan to convert sporting events into lasting visitor loyalty, ensuring that your casino stands out as a premier destination for both gaming excitement and sports passion. Join us to transform every game, match, and race into an opportunity to build deeper customer engagement and loyalty.

Session Coach: 

Daniel Kustelski, Chalkline Sports

Daniel Kustelski is the CEO of Chalkline Sports, a customer acquisition and engagement platform for regulated gaming. After serving as a captain in the U.S. Army, Daniel worked in a number of sports-related positions before co-founding an online sportsbook based in Johannesburg, South Africa. After selling the sportsbook to Sun International casino group, Daniel returned to the United States, where he operated an ADW before founding Chalkline.

LinkedIn     Website


Casino Music & Messaging Workshop

Whether you find yourself behind the wheel, enjoying a laid-back dinner with friends, or taking a brisk morning jog, chances are music is accompanying you through your speakers or headphones. It’s a universal habit, and in these scenarios, we have complete control over what we are listening to.

But what happens when you step into a casino?

That’s when your ears are at the mercy of someone else. And the decision made by the casino regarding what you hear can significantly elevate or diminish your overall experience. Simply put, the music and messaging permeating throughout your casino establishment demand a meticulously crafted and strategic approach.

But in addition to building the proper music playlist, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration. In order to create an optimal atmosphere that will entice guests to stay longer and spend more, casino resorts must also factor in the time of day or night as well who is typically in certain areas or “zones” of the property, so the music and messaging matches that demographic.

In this interactive Casino Marketing Boot Camp session, Nathan Green will discuss how he and his team design unique and flexible music and messaging programs for their casino partners. Under the direction of Green, session attendees will then be assigned a specific area of a casino and a certain time of day. They’ll be asked to build a playlist for that zone, based on a number of key factors that will be provided, and then present and play their song choices to the rest of the group.

Session Coach: 
Nathan Green, New Level Radio

Under the guidance and vision of Nathan Green and his partner Sam Ambrose, New Level Radio launched in 2007, creating a new niche in the radio and music industry. Today, the Denver-based company delivers customizable radio networks for hundreds of businesses all over the U.S., particularly the casino industry. When he’s not on an airplane or creating a new playlist for a property, Nathan is typically at home in Denver with his wife and kids, working on new ventures, running a road race, or listening to music with the volume turned up to 10.

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Mastering Reputation Management: Strategies for Casino Success in the Digital Age

Join us in an insightful session tailored to the dynamic world of casino marketing, where we unravel the complexities of Reputation Management. This session is designed to guide attendees through the essential elements of maintaining and enhancing the reputation of a casino in today’s digital landscape. We’ll explore what Reputation Management truly entails, why it’s a critical component of your marketing strategy, and how a strategic approach can yield substantial benefits.

Discover the tools, tactics, and best practices to navigate the always-on environment, where online reviews, social media, and real-time feedback play pivotal roles. Learn how to effectively monitor, manage, and influence your casino’s public perception to drive loyalty, trust, and business growth. Whether you’re new to the concept or looking to refine your strategies, this session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to leverage reputation as a powerful asset for your casino’s success. Join us to transform challenges into opportunities and ensure your casino thrives in the spotlight of public opinion.

Session Coach:

Justin Shank, Shank Marketing

Justin brings an operations-driven perspective to marketing with career experience in casino marketing, hospitality, event management, advertising and as a publicist for movie studios. He specializes in marketing strategy, social media marketing, reputation management, and marketing technologies. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world and drives innovation through creativity and adaptability to the ever-changing digital landscape.

His casino gaming experience started with Swinomish Casino & Lodge in 2010, where he assisted in expanding the digital footprint of the property, launched the first online interactive slot catalog, and developed an internal digital marketing team focused on social media content and in-house video production. His experience includes working as an Account Director for OfferCraft, and consulting for Raving Consulting Company.

He launched Shank Marketing in April 2017 to provide tribal casinos with more accessible and affordable digital marketing resources. The agency has grown to include 10 team members working with casinos, entertainment venues, tribal enterprises, restaurants, resorts, bars, c-stores, golf courses, and healthcare centers, with clients in California, Wisconsin, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Justin enjoys exploring the world with his wife Mackenzie, hiking, camping, kayaking, and fishing, and is a Seattle Seahawks fan. His bachelor of arts degree is from Western Washington University.

LinkedIn     Website    Twitter    

The Power of Appointment Marketing: Unleashing Revenue from Can't-Miss Events

This highly informative session will delve into the tremendous value that appointment marketing programs can bring to casinos, particularly when targeting high-worth players. While traditional promotional programming focuses on open-to-the-public events, these initiatives often lack precise ROI measurement. However, casino marketers can attain greater precision and predictability in their programming by embracing appointment marketing strategies, leading to more successful outcomes.

By leveraging the untapped potential within your casino’s databases and unlocking the power of appointment marketing, you can tailor events specifically designed to maximize contributions from each segment. You’ll have the tools and insights to create a carefully curated calendar of can’t-miss events that deliver the revenue needed to meet your monthly goals.

Session Coach: 
Daniel White, Dan White + Associates

A marketing professional for the past 27 years, Dan White has spent the last 19 years in the tribal casino industry. He was the Director of Marketing at Muckleshoot Casino, the largest casino in the Pacific Northwest and one of the largest casinos in the United States. He has served in executive and officer-level roles at several properties in both marketing and casino operations. Since 2009, Dan has been part of various qualitative and quantitative research pr studies regarding casino consumers and has championed the value of research in building strategies. Dan received his bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University’s School of Journalism in 1993 and is currently pursuing his certification in Behavioral Economics from Texas A& M University. He is a former United States Marine.

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Unlocking Hidden Opportunities in Your Database

This session is meticulously crafted for casino marketing professionals eager to turn data into decisive competitive strategies. We begin by laying the foundation with the essentials of database analysis and segmentation, guiding you through understanding the diverse profiles within your customer base. As we progress, delve into advanced techniques to spot latent opportunities lurking within your data that can be used in more ways than just database marketing. You’ll engage in hands-on exercises to test theories and evaluate the viability of your findings, turning abstract data into concrete, actionable insights. This highly interactive workshop is not just about learning; it’s about doing, focusing on practical methods to increase customer engagement and loyalty, transforming occasional visitors into regular guests. Prepare to be engaged, challenged, and inspired as you uncover the potential of your database to forge new paths in customer relationships and loyalty.

Session Coach: 
Bobby Thornton, Coushatta Casino Resort

Bobby Thornton is Director of Marketing for Coushatta Casino Resort, located in the heart of Louisiana’s bayou country. Thornton has 20 years of experience building a successful career at Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Pearl River Resort, Harrah’s Shreveport, and the Stratosphere anchoring the Las Vegas Strip. He oversees all aspects of Coushatta’s marketing efforts, including advertising, public relations and communications, database management, loyalty programs, and promotions, travel and sales, call center and reservations, entertainment, and player development. He is a fencing enthusiast, having placed 5th in the United States, Division 2 Epée National Championship, and Regional Champion of the 5-state Southwest Section. He is also an avid football fan, following the New Orleans Saints, Texas A&M Aggies, and the LSU Tigers.

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The Lean Casino Marketer: Applying Six Sigma for Competitive Advantage

Process improvement opportunities exist within every step of developing and successfully executing a strategic casino marketing plan. From concept to the customer experience, measurable metrics and revenue generation. The bigger the promotion, the more internal stakeholders need to be fully aware and engaged in their roles and responsibilities. Thus, things don’t always go as planned, and this is where Lean and Six Sigma methods come to the rescue before things go wrong. In this session, we will share how Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies will remove your m a r k e t i ng challenges as well as increase your efficiency and capacity while using your existing team & resources.

During this engaging session, we will explore the basic principles of Lean Six Sigma and how they directly apply to Casino Direct Marketing. Using real examples and Lean methods, you will experience how to improve processes and procedures to maximize your end-to-end casino marketing performance. This interactive, hands-on session will be full of thought-provoking conversation, fun, and ways to overcome today’s challenges.

Attendees will work together in small teams and apply Lean methods to optimize a marketing challenge many of us face in the casino industry.

We will explore the opportunities Lean creates for ROI, revenue growth, and eliminating marketing waste and cost overages. From our session, you will receive knowledge, tools and actionable templates to use within your organization. Join us to learn how Lean can help you throughout 2024 and beyond.

Session Coaches:

Jeff Gray is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and has trained, coached/mentored leaders, managers and frontline associates to execute Lean methodologies within a multitude of industries and operations. Jeff takes pride in building long-lasting relationships with individuals and organizations wishing to target the elimination of operational inefficiencies directly impacting operating cost, revenue loss, market growth, innovation, and employee and customer loyalty.

Mason Gray is a graduate of Bellingham Technical College with a Fisheries & Aquaculture Sciences Certification. After Graduating in June 2018, Mason realized the benefits his father’s company, Lean Revisions, would bring to the Whatcom County Community. Lean Revisions specializes in Lean Six Sigma business optimization methodologies to reach operational success. Since opening the company’s second branch, Mason has helped many community members and businesses through Lean Six Sigma consulting services, reach goals and breakthrough targets and operate for what’s to come.

LinkedIn – Jeff    LinkedIn – Mason    Website

Revolutionizing Casino Player Development: Strategies for Success

The player development/host function is undergoing a significant transformation, and it’s time to adapt and excel. Whether you are in the process of establishing your PD department from the ground up, assessing your current strategies, or contemplating innovative changes, our session, this session is designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation for effective player development so that you can optimize your efforts.

We will explore the essential aspects of player development, including identifying and nurturing potential hosts and PD executives. Understanding the diverse roles within a PD team is crucial, and we will explore the specific goals and responsibilities for each team member, ensuring that everyone contributes effectively to the overarching objectives.
Also included will be an exploration of practical strategies for building and managing player lists. These lists are the cornerstone of any successful player development program, and mastering this aspect can lead to remarkable improvements in customer engagement and loyalty.
Finally, we will share insights into developing a compensation plan that motivates your PD team and aligns seamlessly with your casino’s business objectives. This approach ensures that your player development efforts contribute positively to your casino’s overall success and profitability and set your casino on the path to greater success and customer satisfaction.
Session Coach:
Jatonia Ziegler, Playersoft Technologies

Jatonia Ziegler is a seasoned Player Development expert and Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Playersoft, boasting over 23 years in gaming operations and hospitality. Jatonia is the driving force of strategy and execution for all sales, marketing, and client relations activities. As a trailblazer in the casino gaming industry, she co-founded the Casino Player Development Association (CPDA), a LinkedIn Group with nearly 1,000 members, promoting best practices for professionals in Player Development.

Jatonia is passionate about technology innovation and customer satisfaction, she focuses on leveraging Playersoft’s award-winning mobile apps to enhance player experiences to drive revenue growth for her casino clients. Her collaborative approach on relationship building and commitment to continuous service improvement make her a sought-after leader in the casino industry.

LinkedIn     Casino Player Development Association    Website

Creating Your Fantasy Players Club
Although the terms “loyalty program” and “players club” are often used interchangeably, we know they do not mean the same thing. Our players club programs are the prime vehicle we use to create habits and loyalty among our best customers. However, years of ingrained habits and benefits can often lead us to create loyalty to stuff rather than our brands. Every year, dozens of casino operators undergo the task of reprogramming their clubs. What you decide to do with your tiers and benefits can have huge effects on your revenue, both in the short term and long. The perfect loyalty program creates aspiration, builds revenue from new and existing players in a cost-effective manner.  Players feel the value. Is the perfect players club program a fantasy? Let’s spend time with experts and a blank sheet of paper sharing concepts, successes, and dream up a new club, or at least an improved one. In this highly interactive session, you will take your known data points and rebuild your players club program from the ground up.
Session Coach:
Darrel Kammeyer, PURE Canadian Gaming

Darrel Kammeyer is VP of Marketing and Revenue Development for PURE Canadian Gaming. He brings over 35 years of data-driven loyalty marketing, CRM, BI, PR, and brand marketing experience; leading numerous organizations to undergo transformational change by investing in innovative technology to facilitate customer centricity and loyalty.

Darrel has served as a senior executive at large publicly-held, Native American and international companies, including Thai Airways International in Bangkok, Thailand, United Airlines, Argosy Gaming, Isle of Capri Casinos, Ameristar Casinos, Prairie Band Casino & Resort, and Mohegan Sun.

Before joining PURE Canadian Gaming, Darrel was the VP of Marketing and Entertainment of Agua Caliente Casinos, the Executive Corporate Director of Customer Engagement at Wind Creek Hospitality, the VP of Industry Solutions for Hospitality, Travel & Gaming for MicroStrategy, and a Corporate Executive Director at Teradata.

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