New Masterclass

The Art of Building and Maintaining an Iconic Casino Brand

Branding is everything! It instantly conveys your story to customers, employees, and valued stakeholders. A strong brand identity can guide the growth of the business and the activities of its employees. Your brand tells everyone your story, through your image, and your actions.
The Art of Building and Maintaining an Iconic Casino Brand Masterclass is divided into five sections.
  • The Strategy of Branding
  • Defining Your Brand
  • Understanding your Brand Iceberg
  • Ensuring Brand Consistency
  • Monitor and Measurement
Through the course of this masterclass, students will know how to
  • develop their specific brand strategy and its appeal to their target audience,
  • Define a brand positioning that is both meaningful and ownable.
  • Understand how to bring the brand through the entire organization, and
  • Develop the tools and processes to create an iconic brand and ensure brand consistency
The course is delivered through both live and recorded content with weekly virtual office hours available to students.
Course content is customized for your needs – single properties and multiple locations.

Looking for something on-site or customized for your specific needs?

Let us work with you to develop the program YOU need. We’ll start with a discovery call, and together, we will develop the content and pace you need. Email, or go ahead and schedule a call below.


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